Website information A description of the goods is offered with each item. Items that have detailed information available too large for this website may have a link to the manufacturers website where this extra information is available. The transaction currency is Australian Dollars (AUD) and includes any GST as applicable. The Australian Government GST tax rate applicable is 10% and is included in all advertised prices. GST is payable on all transactions. All items are listed in Australian Dollars and all transactions are processed in Australian Dollars. We do not ship outside of Australia. Shipping and Delivery Policy  1. Shipping options Shipping costs are calculated on the products weight, your postcode and postal service type required. A 500 gram Australia Post Express Post sachel will fit items up to approximately 310 mm x 190 mm x 50 mm in size if under 500 grams in weight. A 3 kg Australia Post Express Post sachel will  fit items up to approximately 360 mm x 280 mm x 80 mm in size, if under 3.0 kilograms in weight. A 5 kg Australia Post Express Post sachel will  fit items up to approximately 500 mm x 400 mm x 100 mm in size, if under 5.0 kilograms in weight. Bulkier and odd shaped items (eg. picks and detectors) will be determined by the size and weight for postage by Australia Post Registered Post. We generally send most detectors free freight, so please ask. Pick up from one of our stores is free from postage costs. Orders made with Gold City Detecting or its sister businesses, Townsville Prospecting World or Cairns Prospecting World will display all stores logos, addresses and contact details. The delivery timeframe will usually not be affected by this. Links to the purchase of products from this website will be to the Gold City Detecting online store facility, and credit card/Paypal statements will reflect this for any items shipped from Gold City Detecting. Items paid for from Cairns Prospecting World or Townsville Prospecting World will show as such on your statement.  2. Delivery Timeframe Orders placed for items paid for by instant payment methods such as Paypal, normally will be shipped the same day, and definitely within 2 working days. Orders for non-instant payment methods will normally be sent the day the payment clears or shows in our account for cheque and direct deposits. Orders received after 2.30 PM will usually be sent in the following days mail. Shipping times will vary depending on your location and will usually take between 1 to 2 working days for Express Post options, and 3 to 10 working days for Parcel Post, Registered Post or Fastway Couriers options to arrive.    3. Shipping Destinations and Restrictions Accessory items are able to be shipped within Australia. Minelab detectors will be shipped within Australia only. Items containing Lithium Ion batteries must be shipped by road freight only. We do not ship to other countries. No exceptions. Any orders for delivery to other countries will be voided or reversed as appropriate.    4. Delivery Policy Gold City Detecting utilises Registered Post and Express Post sachels as the preferred method of sending goods as the items are then traceable and less likely to be lost. We also use Fastway Couriers services. Bulkier items such as detectors will be sent by Registered Post. We do not send any items by normal mail. Large items may need to be sent by a courier, and in that case insurance is highly recommended and encouraged. Please enquire about any special needs. Gold City Detecting will not be held liable for any losses of goods incurred once they are passed on to a freight company. Shipping costs are calculated based on the product weight, shape and size. Shipping times are as the above "Delivery Timeframe" policy. Customer Service Policy Gold City Detecting is committed to providing exceptional customer service and advice, along with quality products. We offer advice on detector selection from over 20 years of hands on experience. We will try our hardest to ensure that all the products listed on our website are currently in stock, and that the pricing of those goods is current and correct. In the event that we do not have an item in stock, it is generally procureable within 3 working days. We guarantee that we will notify you within 2 working days if any item is unavailable and we are unable to fill your order, to allow you to arrange an agreeable alternative, a backorder, or a full refund. Refund policy Please chose carefully. Gold City Detecting does not normally offer refunds because, 1: You have changed your mind or 2: You have made a poor choice   Manufacturers warranties will be applicable. We will offer you the choice between a replacement, a store credit, or a refund if the goods are found to be, 1: Faulty or defective and not repairable subject to applicable manufacturers warranties. 2: Not fit for the purpose they are described to be fit for. 3: Are significantly different to the goods described.   Privacy Policy  1. Personal and Financial Information.   Gold City Detecting is dedicated to ensuring we keep your details private. We guarantee that in the processes required to allow us to quote, supply, send or deliver any goods or services we offer, we will never divulge, swap, trade, sell or otherwise make known to any 3rd party, personal or private information supplied to us to allow us to perform these actions. We use this information to identify your orders, personalise your shopping experience with us and provide a newsletter/mail out if you subscribe to it. We regard any and all of this information to be strictly confidential.  2. Cookies Gold City Detecting website uses Cookies to allow you to sign in to your account, maintain and purchase items in a shopping cart. Cookies sent to your computer from Gold City Detecting will last while you are browsing our website. We do not store persistant Cookies on your computer. If you feel confident to do so, then you are able to use the delete function under the general tab in the Internet Options folder at My Control Panel of your computer to delete any temporary files, cookies, history information you are unsure of. Whenever you use our website or any other, the computer on which the web pages are stored (the web server) needs to know the network address of your computer so that it can send the requested pages to your Internet Browser. The unique network address of your computer is known as the "IP address" and is sent automatically every time you access any internet site. The server that hosts this website will use your IP address to send you the information that you requested. A computer's IP address can give its general geographical position, but otherwise it is anonymous. We do not keep a record of the IP addresses from users that access  our site, except for when you have specifically provided information, for example; when proceeding to checkout to finalise an order. After completing the form your IP address will be stored along with a transaction number to allow us to track your order.  3. Card details At Gold City Detecting we guarantee that any credit card information or banking details supplied to us are done so in confidence and that these details will not be kept on file, so that your information is secure. Our policy is to destroy any personal or financial information written down by us in the process of processing your order or packing and delivering your goods. Our shopping cart website has a SSL certificate to keep your data private. Security Policy When purchasing from Gold City Detecting your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128 bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology. 128 bit encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break and is industry standard. Our SSL is capable of up to 256 bit encryption which is computationally unfeasible to crack. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email at Terms & Conditions 1. All images and intellectual properties or assets on this website are considered to be owned by Gold City Detecting, Cairns Prospecting World or Townsville Prospecting World are under licence or permission from the owners of those images or properties. It is understood that copying, reproducing, or utilising in part or in whole any images or properties may not be done without the written permission of Gold City Detecting, Cairns Prospecting World or Townsville Prospecting World or the intellectual owner of said images or properties. 2. Gold City Detecting will endeavour to supply the goods or services reqeusted or paid for in a timely manner. The purchaser agrees to indemnify Gold City Detecting and associated companies, and not hold them responsible for any liabilities that may occurr due to the supply of goods or services, or the failure to supply those goods and services. 3. Items purchased from Gold City Detecting are deemed to be the property of the purchaser once they have been paid for and are delivered to a Carrier, Courier or Poastal Facility. The risk for any losses due to posting or cartage pass to the purchaser once the goods are posted or delivered to a freight company. We recommend the use of Registered Post and Express Post sachels so that items and parcels are traceable. 4. Gold City Detecting reserves the right to allow or disallow any person or persons to access our website at our discretion if that person or persons fail to comply with our terms or conditions. 5. Pricing displayed on this website are in Australian Dollars. Shipping overseas or out of Australia is not generally acceptable. Shipping to any other countries is governed by some or all of our dealer agreements and will only take place if the goods being shipped do not contravene any or all of our agreements. Please email us to enquire before making a purchase if unsure. 6. These terms and conditions will not override or limit any rights or obligations that Gold City Detecting may have or posess due to statuatory or common law. 7. Gold City Detecting will aim to be as accurate as humanly possible with description of goods, quantities or pricing. We cannot guarantee that all information is 100% correct 100% of the time, and we reserve the right to edit or correct any errors or ommissions as we become aware of them. By using this website or requesting goods or services, you understand that it is deemed that you agree to, and accept, the terms and conditions set out on this site. Payment types available Payment is available via the following. Credit card through Paypal’s secured area. Paypal through their secured area. Direct deposit. Cheque or money order (cheques may take 5 working days to clear). Cash while in our store (please do not send cash through the mail). Card payment facilities while in the store are also available. If you do not wish to use your credit card online, you have the option of calling us and we are able to process a payment over the phone with our Eftpos facility. We no longer do COD parcels. Flexirent is available to approved purchasers. Call us for more information. We prefer direct deposit as it removes the cost of fees but the choice is yours.
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