We stock river sluices for sitting directly into running water or highbankers to be used with a water pump. Check out the range available.
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River Sluice Medium 900 mm x 180 mm total RSM RRP $145.00
River Sluice Small 700 mm x 180 mm total RSS RRP $125.00
Medium River Sluice Small River Sluice Large River Sluice
River Sluice Large 1100 mm x 250 mm total RSL RRP $175.00
Standard Highbanker Sluice head type operation HBS RRP $365.00
Standard Highbanker Delux Highbanker
Deluxe Highbanker Spray bar type operation HBD RRP $410.00
We will put these on our online store when we are able to set the postage costs correctly and fairly for each item. Please call us in the meantime for a quote.
The general rule of thumb for these highbankers in regards to pump size is a 1- ½”to 2” pump (38 mm to 50 mm) that supplies around 2,000 gph to 3,000 gph (150 lpm to 220l pm). This allows for a motor than runs at a low speed and uses less fuel, makes less noise and lasts a longer time before replacement. This is a general rulle and may vary depending on your application.