Minelab Standard SD/GP handle Without the green button 3011-0166 RRP $32.00
Minelab GP3500/GPX handle WITH the green button 3011-0216 RRP $128.00
Foam sleeve for Minelab PI handles.
Minelab handle foam sleeve Suits old and new handles 8005-0001 RRP $8.00
Suits detectors from GP3000 and earlier.
Minelab Armrest cover kit Sleeve and straps 3011-0144 RRP $28.00
Bow knuckle and 6 mm bungy cord.
Minelab Bungy kit Suits SD/GP/GPX models 3011-0145 RRP $26.00
Aluminium ears for detectors.
Minelab Armrest Black Suits SD/GP/GPX models 3011-0143 RRP $36.00
Armrest foam sleeve, velcro straps and 2 x bolts.
Minelab Lower shaft wear kit E-TRAC, Explorer, Safari 3011-0148 RRP $20.00
Minelab Lower shaft wear kit Suits all X-TERRA 3011-0150 RRP $20.00
Kit has 4 x coil washers, 1 x thumb bolt and 2 nuts, 2 x 2" bolts and wingnuts. 2" x 5/16" bolt and wingnut (8 mm)
Minelab Aluminium upper shaft 2” x 5/16” white N01-0002 RRP $2.50
GP3500 and later detectors - green button for ground balance. Kit has 4 x velcro ties, 4 x coil washers, 1 x thumbolt and nut, 1 x  2" bolt, 2 x 1-1/2" bolts and wingnuts, 2 x coil spacers.
Replacement rubbers to suit Sandy Lowers Fits Otto and Sandy shafts T01-0010 RRP $4.50
Plastic push button snap lock lower shaft locking clip T01-0009 RRP $2.50
Sandy Shaft (Otto) lower shaft rubbers. Plastic push button snap lock for lower shafts.
Minelab Lower shaft wear kit SD/GP/GPX, Excal/Sov/Eureka Gold 3011-0141 RRP $25.00
Kit has 4 x velcro ties, 2 sets (4) coil rubbers, 2 x 2" and 2 x 1-1/2" bolts and wingnuts.
Armrest cover Suits SDC2300 armrest SDC-AC RRP $15.00
Neoprene armrest cover for the SDC2300
Minelab GA10 Hinge/Strap/Clip Suits GA10 guide arm 3011-0294 RRP $45.00
GA10 hinge and strap kit.
Minelab GA10 Guide Arm Kit Suits GPZ7000 3011-0293 RRP $73.60
GA10 complete guide arm kit.
Armrest and foot kit Suits GPZ7000 3011-0283 RRP $49.50
Armrest and lower mounting foot/screw kit for the GPZ7000.
Minelab Lower Shaft Kit Suits GPZ7000 3011-0291 RRP $84.70
GPZ7000 replacement lower shaft and hardware.
GP3500 to GPX5000 handle (switch type) Replacement bare wooden handle WOODEN HANDLE RRP $64.00
GP3500 and later detectors with green button - Replacement bare wooden handle.
Accessory items to suit metal detector shafts and including handles, neoprene armrest covers, bungy cords and repair kits are on this page. There is a wooden replacement handle for the 3500 through to the 5000 detectors.
Black coil bolt 2” long x ¼” diameter 3011-0029 RRP $2.00
Suits SD/GP/GPX and aftermarket coils. Spare lower shaft rubbers.
Minelab shaft rubbers Fits SD/GP/GPD and others 3011-0027 RRP $3.00
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