The Youtube video at the left is the general method of ground balancing the GPZ7000. As it is new technology our method of ground balancing will be different to what we have been used to since the advent of the SD series, along with the GP and GPX series detectors. The GPZ is a totally different detector and the methodology and use of it is unique.
This is just released and an alternative method of ground balancing the GPZ7000. This method gives the detector a “quick start” towards the ultimate ground balance for the area being scanned. The ferrite rings will be supplied to all customers who have purchased their detector from us at no cost to them. The video will show the recommended method to be used.
Below are two methods of achieving an accurate  ground balance for the GPZ7000.
We’ll start this page off with a paper written by Bruce Candy, the inventor of the GPZ7000 This is in the form of a downloadable PDF file. KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT) Technology
This page is dedicated to information and tips on the Minelab GPZ7000 metal detector.
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GPZ7000 Information