Gold Pans and Sieves
Spun steel gold pan 9” GP0000 RRP $15.00
Spun steel gold pan 14” GP0002 RRP $24.00
Black 10” poly gold pan Lightweight GPP10 RRP $10.00
Black 14” poly gold pan Lightweight GPP14 RRP $14.00
Gold pan - 10" Garrett - Gravity Trap Deep riffles GPG10 RRP $30.00
Gold pan - 14" Garrett - Gravity Trap Deep riffles GPG14 RRP $34.00
Gold pan - 15" Garrett Super Sluice Deepest riffles GPG15 RRP $36.00
Garrett gold panning kit. Garrett deluxe gold panning kit.
Garrett Deluxe Gold Pan Kit Pans, sieve, tweezers, vials 1651400 RRP $109.00
Garrett Gold Pan Kit Family prospecting 1651300 RRP $72.00
Aluminium sieve - 2.5mm 2.5 mm mesh screen GS0000-2.5 RRP $37.95
Aluminium sieve - 5.5mm 5.5 mm mesh screen GS0000-5.5 RRP $37.95
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Spun steel gold pan 16” GP0003 RRP $26.00
15" PRO-GOLD pan.
PRO-GOLD blue gold pan 15” 3011-0326 RRP $22.00
PRO-GOLD classifier.
PRO-GOLD blue classifier Screen/sieve 3011-0328 RRP $24.00
10" PRO-GOLD pan.
PRO-GOLD blue gold pan 10” 3011-0327 RRP $19.00
PRO-GOLD kit also has a carry bag, magnet, double loupe, suction bottle, pipette, storage vials and getting started guide.
PRO-GOLD panning kit Complete kit 3011-0325 RRP $79.00
Discover gold the easy way with the Minelab PRO-GOLD range of high quality pans and accessories. This premium panning kit has everything you need to get started and you’ll become an expert in no time. Prospecting for gold has never been so much fun! The PRO-GOLD kit features two premium quality pans and a versatile classifier. They’re constructed from durable lightweight polypropylene, are UV-resistant and float in water. The pans and classifier are also available individually.
9" spun steel pan. 14" spun steel pan. 16" spun steel pan. 10" poly pan. 14" poly pan. 10" Garrett pan with deep riffles. 14" Garrett pan with deep riffles. 15" Garrett Super Sluice pan with deep riffles. We also have a range of spare parts to suit the above Gold Magic goldwheels, including pulleys, frame sections, spiral bowls, centre cups, belts etc. Please ask us to check for the part you need. Aluminium framed sieve, steel mesh at 2.5mm spacing. Aluminium framed sieve, steel mesh at 5.5mm spacing. Aluminium framed sieve, steel mesh at 5.5mm spacing. Buy the 2 sieves above as a stackable pair for $69.95
Check out the gold pans and sieves. Perfect for that alluvial prospecting trip to your favourite gully. There are complete panning kits on this page for the family outing in both Minelab and Garrett brands, as well as some stackable sieves. Minelab pan, Garrett pan, aluminium sieve.
12" spun steel pan.
Spun steel gold pan 12” GP0001 RRP $19.50
Sniffer bottle
Gold sniffer bottle for panning For gettting difficult gold GBS1 RRP $6.95