I hate to see people getting blatantly ripped off by scammers that sell counterfeit goods with the intent of scamming money from unsuspecting people. I hope these images help to save some from losing their money on junk pretending to be genuine. The left image shows a genuine Minelab GPX 4500/5000 battery and a fake one. The images can be enlarged to make it easier to see the differences. Check the voltage marked.
The right image shows an easy to spot fake mains charger and the real article.
The left image shows the genuine curly cord power cable and a shorter inferior copy.
There are some obvious differences with the genuine and fake front panels on this image to the right. This is one of the better fakes but still fit for the garbage bin.
The difference here is obvious for all in the left image.
The right image shows obvious differences, the easiest to see being the screen which looks like it was forgotten and stuck on afterwards. The genuine article has the screen incorporated into the decal. The on/off switch is a spring return and not a 2 position switch.
The left image shows a genuine harness in the genuine Minelab packaging. The fake on the right side is shiny silver and not the dull grey it should be. This is an easy spot.
The image to the left shows the inside of one type of the fake Minelab GPX batteries. The number of cells is incorrect and the amount of electronics populated on the board is nowhere near what the inside of a genuine battery has. This battery is also marked as 12.0V instead of the correct voltage. Please note: The later model GPX batteries are different inside to these images.
OK. Who stole the rest of the electronics and batteries? Anyone who has had a battery apart will know that this is an extremely poor and cheap copy.
The genuine batteries do NOT have a split that allows the housing to separate, and are a one piece housing.
Spot the differences between these images and a genuine battery.
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