8" Commander mono coil for PI detectors. 11" Commander mono coil. 10" x 5" DD coil to suit hotter ground or SD/GP detectors. Can be used on GPX models. Larger 15" Commander DD coil for hotter ground and faster coverage.
Commander 15” x 12”  DD coil Suits SD/GP/GPX 3011-0078 RRP $390.00
11" Commander DD coil as per the standard issue coil.
Commander 11” DD coil Suits SD/GP/GPX 3011-0113 RRP $280.00
Get better ground coverage with a larger 15" Commander mono coil.
Commander 15” x 12”  mono coil Suits SD/GP/GPX 3011-0074 RRP $385.00
Minelab's largest Commander coil is the 18" mono for better depth.
Commander 18” mono coil Suits SD/GP/GPX 3011-0075 RRP $450.00
Minelab Commander 18" DD coil.
Commander 18” DD coil Suits SD/GP/GPX 3011-0079 RRP $460.00
Commander 8” mono coil Suits SD/GP/GPX 3011-0072 RRP $235.00
Commander 11” mono coil Suits SD/GP/GPX 3011-0073 RRP $280.00
Commander 10” x 5”  DD coil Suits SD/GP/GPX 3011-0076 RRP $235.00
Minelab's GPZ7000 Super D coil.
Minelab 19” Super D coil Suits GPZ7000 only 3011-0304 RRP $1795.00
The range of Commander coils is small but honest. They are made with Litz wire and perform well. This page shows the coils available for the Minelab Pulse induction detectors used for gold prospecting. The coin and treasure coils are on page 2 (link at the page bottom). Minelab, Commander coil.
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Commander PI Coils