RPG headphones for coin/relic machines, etc. Standard issue Koss UR30 headphones.
Koss UR30 headphones Standard Minelab issue 3011-0214 RRP $95.00
Minelab RPG headphones Coin and treasure machines 3011-0181 RRP $52.00
B&Z booster suits all detectors Australian made BZB RRP $154.00
B&Z booster with 1 speaker Australian made BZCOMBO RRP $204.00
B&Z booster with dual speakers Australian made BZCOMBODUAL RRP $265.00
Single GME speaker. Dual GME speaker assembly.
External dual speakers Suits 1/4” audio jack SPKDUAL RRP $120.00
External single speaker Suits 1/4” audio jack SPK RRP $60.00
Koss waterproof headphones Suits CTX3030 3011-0134 RRP $165.00
Waterproof headphones for CTX3030 detector. Koss UR30 headphones to suit SDC2300 only.
Koss UR30 headphones SDC2300 standard issue 3011-0253 RRP $196.00
Koss waterproof headphones Suits SDC2300 3011-0258 RRP $260.00
Waterproof headphones for SDC2300. The B&Z booster now comes with a detatchable lead from the battery to the booster. There is an additional jack on the top of the booster where the lead plugs into. This allows for a quick replacement or repair if the centre wire in the cable is broken by stretching or from flexing. The B&Z booster is an Australian made product and is produced by an very experienced electronic gold prospector. It is a quality item that allows the operator to boost the volume of targets, or dull it as the requirement happens to be. Dulling the output can be accomplished by either turning the volume control down to a lower level, or by moving the switch from "boost" to "bypass". The B&Z booster is suited to running either one or two external speakers at a volume level of approximately 2 - 3 on the scale (out of a scale up to 7). Normal target volume levels can be used (8 to 15) as this setting doesn't need to be drastically reduced to allow the booster to run like some boosters do. It runs of it's own AAA batteries which will last 40 plus hours of detecting time. This booster is able to be used on any detector that has a 1/4" (6.3 mm) female jack. Coupled with a patch cable the B&Z booster can be utilised on the new SDC2300 using a single or dual speaker set up and allowing the operator to have total control over the volume level.
Audio patch lead to 1/4” jack Suits SDC detector SDC adaptor lead RRP $100.00
Adaptor lead to allow the use of many different headphones. B & Z booster now with a replaceable input cable. B & Z Booster with single speaker. B & Z Booster with dual speaker assembly. Replacement B&Z input curly cable.
6 metre curly cable 2 x 90 deg male plugs B&Z CURLY CABLE RRP $27.50
Audio extension curly cable.
6 metre curly cable Male and female plugs for SDC WA7046 RRP $10.50
B&Z booster kit - dual speakers Suits SDC2300 BZCOMBODUALSDC RRP $360.00
B & Z Booster with dual speaker assembly for the SDC2300.
WM 12 Wireless Module Suits GPZ7000 3011-0281 RRP $328.00
Wireless module to suit the GPZ7000.
B&Z booster kit - single speaker Suits SDC2300 BZCOMBOSDC RRP $300.00
B & Z Booster with single speaker assembly for the SDC2300.
PRO-SONIC wireless kit Suits SDC2300 and others 3900-0001 RRP $399.00
PRO-SONIC wireless kit for the SDC2300 and any detector with a 1/4" (6.25 mm) audio socket. SS300 headphones
SS300 headphones Australian made SS300 RRP $220.00
Select from the range of B&Z boosters, external speakers and headphones like the Koss UR30 (including underwater waterproof headphones) to suit the various detectors. We have the B&Z boosters and kits to suit all detectors, even the SDC2300.
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Boosters, Speakers, Headphones
Booty Booster Suits SD/GP/GPX and others Booster - Booty RRP $129.00
Booty Booster kit