HOW TO FIND GOLD pocket book by Charles Garrett 1509400 RRP $7.00
How to Find Gold book.
FISTS FULL OF GOLD geology by Chris Ralph FFG RRP $49.00
Fist Full of Gold geology book.
Gold Fossicking in Queensland fossicking areas available GFQ RRP $35.00
Gold Fossicking information for Queensland.
YOU CAN FIND GOLD book Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal 1545500 RRP $16.00
You Can Find Gold book by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal.
Unleashing the GP Series DVD (GP3000) by Jonathan Porter OBP1 RRP $20.00
GP3000 instructional DVD.
The Latest Update DVD (GP3500) by Jonathan Porter OBP2 RRP $15.00
GP3500 instructional DVD.
Unwrapping the GPX DVD (GPX 5000) by Jonathan Porter OBP5 RRP $50.00
GPX5000 instructional DVD.
The GPX Factor DVD (GPX 4000) by Jonathan Porter OBP3 RRP $30.00
GPX4000 instructional DVD.
The SETA Project DVD (GPX 4500) by Jonathan Porter OBP4 RRP $45.00
GPX4500 instructional DVD.
Maps can be downloaded or saved from these free sites Department of Mines site that deals with Queensland. You can find old mines, old and current mining tenure, geology and other data on a map. Downloadable geological maps for all of Australia can be seen at this Geoscience site. geologicalmaps/ A Geoscience site that has topographical maps to look through for australia, with many selections.
GPZ7000 manual A5 size instruction manual GPZmanual RRP $20.00
GPZ7000 printed instruction manual.
GOLD Panning is easy by Roy Lagal 1505470 RRP $19.00
Gold Panning is Easy book.
Coin Hunting pocket book by Charles Garrett 1509600 RRP $7.00
Coin Hunting pocket book.
Understanding Your X-TERRA by Randy Horton FREE Download from Minelab Click the image for an A4 size download
Understanding your X-TERRA e-book download
This page has the selection of books on gold detecting, and instructional dvds for some of the Minelab detectors we stock, as well as links to some free maps that are available. Gold Fossicking in Queensland, Fists Full of Gold, gold panning, coin hunting.
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