Other Tools Scoop - plastic beach sand.
Scoop - plastic beach sand 1600971 RRP $38.00
Scoop - plastic for nugget retrieval (green or yellow).
Scoop - plastic nugget SCP RRP $21.50
Scoop - metal beach sand.
Scoop - metal beach sand 1600970 RRP $70.00
Scoop - stainless beach sand.
Scoop - stainless beach sand 1600900 RRP $95.00
Garrett Edge Digger. Garrett treasure digger kit. Garrett treasure probe.
Garrett Edge Digger 1626200 RRP $70.00
Garrett treasure digger kit 1601070 RRP $50.00
Garrett treasure probe 1605800 RRP $15.00
Garrett treasure digger - polymer. Garrett treasure digger - stainless steel. Garrett Camo Digger's Pouch.
Garrett treasure digger - polymer 1606000 RRP $18.00
Garrett treasure digger - stainless steel 1606100 RRP $30.00
Garrett Camo Digger's Pouch 1612900 RRP $22.00
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Other tools are listed on this page. Scoops including sand scoops, small digging tools, crevicing tools and pick holders make up a few of the selections. for coin and treasure, or gold detecting. Beach scoop, plastic scoop, recovery tools.
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