Small crucible 50 mm x 50 mm Medium crucible 70 mm x 70 mm
Comparison image showing the 3 crucible sizes against a standard ball point pen.
Image shows the 3 sizes as comparisons.
Store Large crucible 3kgs capacity. Dimensions - flange 74mm, body 60mm, length 170mm. Small crucible 1kg capacity. Dimensions - flange 65mm, body 50mm, length 125mm. Medium crucible 2kgs capacity. Dimensions - flange 73mm, body 54mm, length 160mm. Mini crucible 0.5kg capacity. Dimensions - flange 58mm, body 47mm, length 88mm.
Large crucible 10 mm x 100 mm
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ZMF furnace - 1500 watt mains power operation. This furnace goes to 1155 degrees Celsuis.
100 g crucible for oxy torch
300 g crucible for oxy torch
1 kg crucible for oxy torch
Electric furnace 1155 deg C
500 g graphite crucible
1 kg graphite crucible
2 kg graphite crucible
3 kg graphite crucible