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GPX 4500
Minelab have reintroduced the GPX4500 with an 11” Commander mono coil, as well as the original 11” DD. With MPS (multi period sensing), DVT (dual voltage technology) and SETA (smart electronic timing alignment) and a 3 year warranty these will be popular.
Front switch panel Rear menu screen
What’s in the box?
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Contents 1
Contents 2
Instruction manual download
This is the detector that some people have been wanting returned.
Ongoing GPX 4500 package deal Call us for a bonus - Full control box cover, Minelab carry bag, DVD “The Seta Project” and FREE shipping all for a low $3600.00.
The box contains the Lithium Ion battery, mains and 12 volt chargers, detector assembly, Harness and bungy cord, rubbish finds bag, Koss UR30 headphones, 11” Commander DD coil and 11” Commander Mono coil. (coils depend on the MInelab package at the time)This is the same as the 4500’s that were normally available previously but with the extra mono coil. RRP $4199.00 or call us for a suitable package deal to suit your needs.
RRP $4199.00