The 8" Monoloop coil is extremely sensitive to the smallest gold nuggets and is ideal for working around rocks and trees. The 11" Monoloop coil is very sensitive to small gold nuggets, 10" x 5" DD coil to suit hotter ground for SD/GP detectors. Can be used on GPX models. Larger 15" Commander DD coil for hotter ground and faster coverage. The 15" x 12” Double-D acheives greater depth and ground coverage but is not quite as sensitive to very small gold compared to the 11" Double-D 11" Commander DD coil as per the standard issue coil. Get better ground coverage with a larger 15" Commander mono coil. The 15" x 12” Monoloop coil is still quite sensitive to small gold nuggets and has greater depth on larger gold. Minelab's largest Commander coil is the 18" mono for better depth. Minelab Commander 18" DD coil for depth in hotter ground.
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Store Minelab's larger 19" GPZ7000 Super D coil.
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Minelab's standard GPZ7000 Super D coil.
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Commander 8” mono coil
Commander 10”x5” DD coil
Commander 11” mono coil
Commander 11” DD coil
Commander 15”x12” mono
Commander 15”x12” DD
Commander 18” mono coil
Commander 18” DD coil
Minelab GPZ 14”coil
Minelab GPZ 19”coil