Minelab universal GPX mains charger. 6 volt gell cell mains charger. GPX 12 volt charger.
Minelab SD/GP mains charger Suits gellcell 6 volt batteries 3011-0206 RRP $74.00
Minelab GPX mains charger Suits GPX batteries 3011-0203 RRP $58.00
Minelab GPX 12 volt charger Suits GPX batteries 3011-0169 RRP $35.00
6 volt gell cell cigarette lighter charger (12 volt supply) Safari, E-TRAC and Sovereign mains charger. Safari, E-TRAC and Sovereign 12 volt charger.
Eureka, E-TRAC and Sovereign 12v charger Suits others as well 3011-0211 RRP $86.00
Minelab 12 volt chargers Suits SD/GP detectors 3011-0218 RRP $172.00
Eureka, E-TRAC and Sovereign mains charger Suits others as well 3011-0234 RRP $20.00
Excalibur II and Sovereign Elite mains charger. Excalibur II and Sovereign Elite 12 volt charger.
Excalibur 11, Sovereign Elite mains charger 240 volt 3011-0235 RRP $20.00
Excalibur 11, Sovereign Elite 12v charger suits older models with Ni-Cad packs 3011-0210 RRP $82.00
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New type SDC2300 battery charger - mains and 12 volt capability.
Battery charger suit SDC2300 Suits AA, AAA, C, 9v NiMh NC800U RRP $100.00